Scientific Programme 2020

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29th​​ Annual​​ Scientific​​ Session​​ of​​ the

Sri​​ Lanka​​ College​​ of​​ Microbiologists


Facing​​ the​​ challenges​​ of​​ Multidrug​​ Resistance”

13th​​ ​​ 14th​​ August​​ 2020


Web​​ Based​​ Scientific​​ Programme

Hosted​​ from​​ Lionel​​ Memorial​​ Auditorium,​​ 

Wijerama​​ House,​​ Colombo​​ 07.



Day​​ 1​​ -13th​​ August​​ 2020


8.30​​ am​​ -​​ 9.30​​ am

Free​​ Paper​​ Session​​ 1

9.30am​​ -​​ 10.00am


10.00​​ am​​ -​​ 10.45am

Symposium​​ 1-​​ Quality​​ antibiotics​​ for​​ treatment


Role of​​ NMRA​​ in​​ providing quality antibiotics

Prof. Asitha​​ de​​ Silva

Chairman, National​​ Medicine​​ Regulatory​​ Authority, Colombo 10


Quality​​ of antibiotics :​​ How​​ can​​ we​​ ensure

Prof.​​ Priyadarshani​​ Galappatthy

Professor,​​ Head, Department of​​ Pharmacology,​​ Faculty​​ of​​ Medicine,​​ University​​ of​​ Colombo

10.45​​ am​​ -11.15​​ am

Plenary 1


TB elimination​​ in​​ the​​ era of Drug​​ Resistant​​ TB​​ –pipeline​​ or pipedream

Dr. Chris Coulter

Microbiologist​​ and infectious Disease​​ Physician,​​ Director​​ Queensland​​ Mycobacterium​​ Reference​​ Laboratory,​​ WHO​​ collaborating​​ Centre​​ in Tuberculosis​​ Bacteriology,​​ Supra​​ National​​ Reference​​ Laboratory,​​ Queensland,​​ Australia

11.15​​ am​​ – 12.15​​ am

Free​​ paper​​ session​​ – 2

12.15 pm – 12.45 pm

Plenary 2


Point of Care​​ Diagnostics for COVID19:​​ Past,​​ Present and the​​ Future

Dr​​ Ahmed​​ Abd​​ El Wahed

Head of the​​ Virology​​ Lab, Division of Microbiology​​ and​​ Animal​​ Hygiene, Georg-August-University​​ Goettingen,​​ Germany,​​ Guest​​ Scientist at the​​ German​​ Primate​​ Center, Visiting​​ Professor​​ at​​ the​​ University​​ of Cairo,​​ Egypt

12.45pm – 1.45 pm


1.45 pm -​​ 2.15 pm

Plenary 3


Diagnosis​​ of ​​ invasive fungal​​ infections

Prof. Cornelia Lass-Flörl,

Director,​​ Institute​​ of​​ Hygiene​​ and Medical Microbiology

Director, CD-Laboratory​​ for​​ Invasive​​ Fungal​​ Infections, ECMM Diamond​​ Excellence​​ Center, Medical University​​ of​​ Innsbruck,​​ Innsbruck,​​ Austria

2.15 pm – 3.15 pm

Symposium​​ 2Interruption of​​ Mother-to-Child​​ transmission: lessons​​ and​​ road​​ map


Prevention​​ of​​ mother-to-child transmission​​ of​​ HBV

Prof. William​​ Irving

Professor​​ and Honorary​​ Consultant in Virology,​​ University​​ of​​ Nottingham and​​ Nottingham University​​ Hospitals NHS​​ Trust,​​ United​​ Kingdom


Elimination​​ of​​ mother-​​ to-child transmission​​ of​​ HIV​​ and​​ Syphilis

Dr. Lilani Rajapaksha

Consultant Venereologist, Deputy​​ director,​​ National​​ STD/AIDS​​ Control​​ Programme,​​ Colombo 10


Role of​​ Laboratory in​​ elimination​​ of​​ mother-to-child transmission

Dr. Jayanthi​​ Elwitigala,

Consultant Microbiologist,​​ STD /​​ AIDS​​ Control​​ Programme,​​ Colombo 10.

3.15 pm – 3.45 pm

Plenary 4


Developing an​​ antifungal stewardship programme: pharmacological options,​​ challenges and benefits (personal experience)

Prof. Nelun​​ Perera

Consultant Microbiologist, Honorary​​ Associate Professor

Department of​​ Infection​​ Immunity​​ and​​ Inflammation

University​​ of​​ Leicester

Training​​ Programme​​ Director

Microbiology,​​ Health Education England / East​​ Midlands,​​ United​​ Kingdom

3.45 pm-4.15 pm

Plenary 5


Facing​​ SARS​​ 2 with​​ SARS​​ 1​​ experience

Prof. J.​​ S.​​ M.​​ Peiris

Chair Professor in Virology​​ The​​ School of Public​​ Health

University​​ of​​ Hong​​ Kong



Day​​ 2​​ ​​ 14th​​ August​​ 2020

8.30​​ am​​ – 9.30​​ am

Symposium​​ 3​​ Transplant ​​ associated​​ parasitic diseases in​​ Sri​​ Lanka :​​ Challenges in​​ diagnosis​​ and​​ treatment


Diarrhoeal pathogens Isospora /​​ Crytosporidiumparvum

Dr. Hasini​​ Banneheke

Consultant &​​ Senior​​ Lecturer in Medical​​ Parasitology,​​ Department of Parasitology,​​ Faculty​​ of​​ Medical​​ Sciences, University​​ of Sri​​ Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda



Prof. Nilmini Chandrasena

Professor in​​ Parasitology, Department of Parasitology,​​ Faculty​​ of​​ Medicine,​​ University​​ of​​ Kelaniya,​​ Ragama



Prof.​​ T. Channa Yahathugoda

Professor in​​ Parasitology, Department of Parasitology,​​ Faculty​​ of​​ Medicine,​​ University​​ of Ruhuna,​​ Galle

9.30am​​ -10.00am


10.00​​ am-​​ 10.30​​ am

Plenary 6


Vaccines in​​ Dengue

Dr. LakKumar​​ Fernando

Consultant​​ Paediatrician​​ and Clinical Head, Centre​​ for​​ Clinical Management of

Dengue,​​ Negombo

10.30​​ am​​ -​​ 11.00​​ am

Plenary 7


Genes and Mycobacteria​​ – Lessons to be​​ learnt

Dr. Rajiva​​ de​​ Silva

Consultant​​ Immunologist, Medical​​ Research​​ Institute, Colombo

11.00am​​ -​​ 11.30am

Plenary 8


Treatment of Invasive​​ fungal Infections

Prof. Cornelia Lass-Flörl,

Director,​​ Institute​​ of​​ Hygiene​​ and Medical Microbiology

Director, CD-Laboratory​​ for​​ Invasive​​ Fungal​​ Infections, ECMM Diamond​​ Excellence​​ Center, Medical University​​ of​​ Innsbruck,​​ Innsbruck,​​ Austria

11.30​​ am​​ -12.15 pm

Symposium​​ 4​​ -​​ ​​ Endocarditis​​ in​​ pacemaker


Pacemaker​​ endocarditis Microbiologists​​ view

Dr.​​ Mahen​​ Kothalawala

Consultant Clinical Microbiologist, National Hospital Kandy


Treatment​​ challenges

Dr​​ Dushyanthie​​ Athukorala

Consultant in Microbiology, UHCW​​ NHS​​ Trust,​​ United​​ Kingdom

12.15 pm – 1.15 pm


1.15 pm-1.45 pm

Plenary 9


Progress​​ towards elimination​​ of HCV?

Prof. William​​ L Irving

Professor​​ and Honorary​​ Consultant in Virology

University​​ of​​ Nottingham and​​ Nottingham University​​ Hospitals NHS Trust,​​ United​​ Kingdom

1.45 pm -​​ 2.15 pm

Guest lecture

Changing Microbiology​​ to support patients​​ and​​ to steward antibiotics

Prof. David​​ Livermore

Professor in Medical Microbiology, University​​ of​​ East Anglia,​​ St Mary's​​ Crescent,​​ London, United​​ Kingdom

2.15 pm-2.45 pm

Photography​​ for​​ medical​​ presentations

Dr.​​ Mangalanath​​ Udukala

Consultant Microbiologist

Kings​​ College​​ London,​​ United​​ Kingdom

3.00 pm onwards

Award​​ and​​ concluding​​ ceremony,​​ fellowship ceremony​​ and tea




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