Notice to General Public

The Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists wishes to urge the general public not to fall pray to different sources of fake news being circulated that aim to hinder the vaccination drive. 
We have noted increasing circulation of social media posts citing a particular scientist claiming that vaccinated individuals will not survive. This has subsequently been found to be a fake news. The cited scientist has made controversial claims throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Further, the website where the news appeared to have originated is not a recognized scientific source. 
We would like to urge the general public to get the first vaccine that is offered to them as all vaccines that are currently being offered in Sri Lanka have their clinical trail data up to the third stage published and are approved by the WHO for emergency use.  All vaccines are known to reduce the incidence of severe disease. 
Even after vaccination, we urge everyone to practice precautions as these are important to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 to the non-vaccinated vulnerable groups.