OGM January 2023

Summary of the decisions made at the Ordinary General Meeting

The Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) of the Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists SLCM was held as an online meeting on Friday, 20th January 2023 from 2.00 pm to 2.45 pm. The following decisions were taken at the meeting.

  • Amalgamation of events of SLCM: Dr. Siri Wickremesinghe memorial oration 2023 and Inauguration of the Annual Scientific Sessions

    Dr. Rohini Wadanamby, President, SLCM mentioned that in the interest of cost savings, the Dr. Siri Wickremesinghe memorial oration 2023 will be amalgamated with the inauguration ceremony of the Annual Scientific Sessions. Both events will take place on 23rd August 2023 at the Galadari Hotel, followed by the Scientific Sessions in the following two days. There will be no ceremony as Induction of President. There were no objections to this change from the membership.

  • Selection of four new members for the AMR Core Group

    Four new members, namely, Dr. Dhammika Vidanagama (Lead), Dr. Madhumanee Abeywardena, Dr. Dhananja Namalie and Dr. Sumudu Suranadee were appointed as new members of the SLCM AMR Core Group. The existing member Dr. Roshan Jayasuriya will continue to serve.

  • Establishing a generic procedure on selection criteria and decision making related to requests from national/international external bodies.

    Dr. Wadanamby explained the procedure which is followed when more than one person expresses interest in any instance where the SLCM is required to provide a candidate from among its membership and when more than one member has expressed interest in taking part. She shared the updated document ‘Marking scheme to select a candidate when more than one member has expressed interest in taking part’. Membership agreed with the procedure.

    Dr. Wadanamby also explained that when an external body requests for college members in order to form committees within very short time periods in the interest of national services, a member will be nominated by the council, who will in turn be able to select other members as necessary. The membership had no objection.

Dr. Chathuri Gunasekera/ Dr. Naamal Jayawardena
Honorary Joint Secretaries