Summary of Workshops on CLABSI


First of the series of workshops on CLABSI  was held in the W G Gunewardene auditorium, Colombo South Teaching Hospital Kalubowila on 22/09/2023.

Resource persons were Dr Shirani Chandrasiri (Consultant Microbiologist) Dr Waruni Samaranayake (Consultant Intensivist) and Dr. Thimathi Wickramasekara (Consultant Nutrition Physician).

Of the  participants (45 total), 14 were doctors. Most doctors were postgraduate trainees.

Dr Waruni Samaranayake enriched the event with a video presentation from overseas. Dr Thimathi explained his overseas experience in the hospital with the world's lowest CLABSI rate and patients on parenteral nutrition for years. Participants got the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the various types of the central lines.

Throughout the workshop all 3 resource persons stayed with the participants clarifying points and encouraging open discussions. The workshop concluded with a plan to have a follow-up in the near future.


TH Polonnaruwa

Workshop was held on 11/10/2023. Resource persons were Dr Upul Priyadarshana (Consultant Microbiologist), Dr. Sajitha Jayasekara (Consultant Nutrition Physician) and Dr Chandana Nawarathne (Consultant Anaesthetist). Attended by 63 participants, including 31 medical officers.


Workshop was held on 08/11/2023.

Ten consultants as contributed as resource personnel, including Dr. Dhammika Vidanagama (Consultant Microbiologist), Dr.Deshan Adihettige (Consultant Medical Intensivist), Dr. Pearl Mallawaarachchi (Consultant Nutrition Physician), Prof. Randula Ranawaka (Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist), Dr. C. Jayasekara (Consultant anaesthetist), Dr. Champika De Alwis (Consultant anaesthetist), Dr. Vinya Gunasekara (Consultant Nephrologist), Dr. Inoka Perera (Consultant Nephrologist), Dr. Shama Basnayake (Consultant Neonatologist), Dr. D.R.M. Gunarathne (Consultant Transfusion Physician) and Dr. K.M. Thushith Bandara (SR Microbiology).

There were 72 participants, which consisted of doctors and nurses. Infection control nurses did a demonstration on handing CVC.


workshop was held on 27/10/2023. Resource persons were Dr Samanmalee Gunasekera (Consultant Microbiologist), Dr. Chandanie Sooriyaarachchi (Consultant anaesthetist) and Dr. Sajitha Mallawaarachchi (Consultant Nutrition Physician). There were 47 participants (15 doctors and 32 nursing officers).


A very successful CLABSI prevention workshop was held on 27/10/2023 with 71 participants including 6 resource persons, which included Dr. Geethika Patabendige (Consultant Microbiologist), Dr. Mahen Kothalawala (Consultant Microbiologist), Dr. Dilshan Priyankara (Consultant Intensivist), Dr. Sankalpa Vithanage (Consultant Intensivist), Dr. Nalinda Herath (Consultant Nutrition Physician) and Dr. Shalika Kurukulaarachchi.

There were 31 doctors, 29 Nurses, 04 special grade nursing officers and one nursing sister among the participants.


Workshop completed with 50 participants on 27/10/2023. Resource persons were Dr. Lakmini Yapa (Consultant Microbiologist), Dr. C.M.B.Herath, (Acting Consultant Paediatric Intensivist) and Dr. Evon Jayaweera (Consultant Nutrition Physician).

NH Kandy

Eighty participants took part in the workshop held on 26/10/2023. Resource persons were Dr. Madhumanee Abeywardena (Consultant Microbiologist), Dr. Muditha Abeykoon (Consultant Microbiologist), Dr. Dushani Hettiarachchi (Consultant Intensivist) and Dr. Evon Jayaweera (Consultant Nutrition Physician). Topics discussed included Mastering line insertion (Dr. Dushani Hettiarachchi), parenteral nutrition in critically ill patients (Dr. Evon Jayaweera) and prevention of CLABSI: infection control (Dr. Madhumanee Abeywardena).


Workshop was held on 05/10/2023. Resource persons were Dr. Dhananja Namalie (Consultant Microbiologist), Dr. Anushka Mudalige (Consultant Intensivist) and Dr. Shalika Kurukulaarachchi (Consultant Nutrition Physician).


TH Karapitiya

Workshop was held on 24/10/2023, in collaboration with the Galle Medical Association. Resource persons were Dr. Bhagya Piyasiri (Consultant Microbiologist), Dr Chamin Weerasekera (Consultant Intensivist) and Dr. Thimathi Wickramasekara (Consultant Nutrition Physician).

TH Kurunegala

TH Kurunegala conducted a well organised and successful workshop on CLABSI prevention in the hospital setting on 04/10/2023. The resource persons were Dr P L L Bandara (Consultant Microbiologist) who spoke on “CLABSI and hospital infection prevention and control”, Dr Dushani Hettiarchchi (Consultant Intensivist - National Hospital Kandy) who delivered a lecture with clinical scenarios on “a practical guide to insertion and maintenance of central lines” and finally Dr Sajitha Jayasekera (Consultant Nutrition physician - TH Anuradapura) who delivered the lecture on “Association of CLABSI with clinical nutrition.”

There were 40 participants including doctors and nurses who were involved with central line care and management. At the end of each session there was an interactive discussion with the resource persons and the audience. A special thanks should go to the two consultants who came from Kandy and Anuradapura to deliver the lectures.

National Institute for Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation (NINDT)

The workshop was conducted on 06/12/2023 with the contribution of the following Resource personnel; Dr Oliver Appuhamy (Consultant Anaesthetist), Dr Manoji Gamage (Consultant Nutrition Physician) and Dr Jayathri Galappaththi (Consultant Microbiologist).

The objective of the workshop was to update knowledge on proper infection control practices during insertion, maintenance and removal of central lines to reduce the CLABSI rates. This workshop targeted healthcare workers that handle central lines in intensive care unit, dialysis unit and wards. This workshop was a very timely need, as there is a significant number of CLABSI at NINDT in the recent past.

A total of 36 healthcare workers participated (14 doctors, 22 nurses). They were educated on types of central lines, their insertion, maintenance, removal, as well as the infection prevention and control practices on the insertion and maintenance of lines. Participants were also educated on line sepsis, its diagnosis and early suspicion. They were also educated on CVC insertion and maintenance bundles, their auditing and surveillance.

This workshop helped to update the participants knowledge on the above aspects and to increase awareness on CLABSI. Most importantly, this workshop lead to the establishment of CLABSI bundle care as well as surveillance and auditing of CLABSI at NINDT.

Finally, it was a very successful workshop with a high impact on the quality of care that can be delivered to patients who are managed with central lines. Therefore, it was a great pleasure to conduct these workshops and I wish to thank Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists for pioneering the workshop.