About Us

The Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists is a professional body established with the goal of promoting the advancement of Medical Microbiology in Sri Lanka. The parent organization of the College was the Ceylon Association of Microbiologists, which was founded in 1969 with 15 founder members. In 1974, the name of the Association was changed to the Sri Lanka Association of Microbiologists. At the Annual General Meeting held in July 1979, a unanimous decision was taken that the Association should evolve into the Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists. In December 2009, the College was registered as a company limited by guarantee.

The College membership comprises of professionals with a basic degree in the medical, dental or veterinary sciences and postgraduate qualifications in Microbiology. College members include those who have specialized in Clinical and /or Medical Microbiology, Medical Virology, Medical Mycology and Medical Parasitology as well as Clinical Immunology.

The objects of the College, as described in its Articles of Association, are as follows:

  1. To promote the advancement of Medical Microbiology and to propagate information and disseminate knowledge among its members and other groups regarding this subject by means of lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and other such means.
  2. To emphasize the importance of Medical Microbiology in Sri Lanka in relation to the control of infectious diseases and advise public and private sector on microbiological problems that may arise in the country and to initiate appropriate action for their resolution.
  3. To support the representation of its members in international conferences, meetings and seminars in connection with Medical Microbiology.
  4. To promote publishing of original work in Medical Microbiology.
  5. To promote research actively assist in such work.
  6. To promote collaboration with national and international associations with similar interest.
  7. To take steps as are required for the attainment of the above objects.