Poliomyelitis (Circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus and Wild Poliovirus) – Global update

Quarantine Unit Co-National Focal Point of International Health Regulations (IHR)-2005 Ministry of  Health, Sri Lanka  Between 1 January and 14 October 2020, there have been several countries affected by poliomyelitis including circulating vaccine-derived poliomyelitis type 1 and 2 (cVDPV1 and cVDPV2) and wild poliovirus type…

SARS CoV-2 External Quality Assurance Programme (EQAP) for Laboratories in Sri Lanka


External quality assurance programme(EQAP)/proficiency testing schemes are designed to objectively assess the quality of results obtained by laboratories, by means of an external agency. To support the countries on assuring high quality laboratory diagnosis, the WHO has organized a rapid EQAP for laboratories detecting COVID-19…

COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 PCR ) Testing Statistics for Sri Lanka

COVID-19 Testing statistics

  Laboratory Code Testing started Tests up to 31st May 2020 1 Medical Research Institute 1/W/G/SL 26. 01.2020 20,900 2 University of Sri Jayawardenepura 2/W/U/SL 28.02.2020 8,686 3 T H Karapitiya 1/S/G/SL 29.02.2020 6,417 4 T H Anuradhapura 1/NC/G/SL 06.03.2020 6,931 5 T H Kandy…

Decontamination Chambers and Spraying of Disinfectants in Public Spaces to minimize spread of COVID-19 virus

Decontamination Chambers

WHO strongly advise that spraying of individuals or groups is NOT recommended under any circumstances. Spraying an individual or group with chemical disinfectants or detergents is physically and psychologically harmful and does not limit the spread of COVID-19.
For alcohol or other disinfectants to be effective, they need to be present in adequate amount for a given period of time (contact time). The nature of chambers does not sufficiently provide this. According to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for ozone to be effective in destroying harmful bacteria, it must be present at a concentration above levels considered safe for humans.

Media Release on Imposing of Mandatory Wearing of Face Mask for Commuters

The Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists is not against any member of public wearing a mask on a voluntary basis provided the use of the mask is done correctly and does not increase the possibility of virus transmission to the mask user or to anyone else.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Situation Updates Update on COVID-19 vaccines By Prof. Neelika Malavige  MBBS (Col.), MRCP (UK), AFHEA, DPhil (Oxon),FRCP (Lond), FRCPath (UK) SARS-CoV2 viral infection resulting in COVID-19 has resulted in over 64 million infections and almost 1.5 million deaths within a period of 11 months….

The Induction of President & Siri Wickremesinghe Oration 2020

The Induction of President & Siri Wickremesinghe Memorial Oration 2020 of the Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists was held on the 29th of February 2020 at the “ Grand Ballroom”, Galle Face  Hotel  Colombo 3. Dr N. Shirani Chandrasiri was inducted as the President of…