Update on COVID-19 vaccines

covid-19 vaccine

Prof. Neelika Malavige  MBBS (Col.), MRCP (UK), AFHEA, DPhil (Oxon),FRCP (Lond), FRCPath (UK) Professor in Immunology and Molecular Medicine, Head, Department of Immunology and Molecular Medicine, Director, Centre for Dengue Research, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayawardanapura. SARS-CoV2 viral infection resulting in COVID-19…

Additional health measures in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak

covid-19 health measures

Announcement Displayed From : Thursday, November 19, 2020 – 20:36 Official statements by States Parties to the International Health Regulations (2005) (IHR) On 30 January 2020, the Director-General determined that the outbreak of 2019-nCoV, constitutes a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) and issued Temporary…

Masks: Which? When? How long? For whom?


Masks have become one of the most sought items with the COVID epidemic as wearing mask is one of the protective measure against COVID infection. But masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures (hand hygiene, physical distance respiratory etiquette) to suppress transmission and save lives; the use of a mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19

SARS CoV 2 and transmission with food

SARS CoV 2 and transmission with food

Dr. Sujatha Pathirage Consultant Microbiologist, Medical Research Institute, Colombo 08 SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped β-coronavirus with a genetic sequence very similar to SARS CoV1(80%) and bat corona virus RaTG13(93%). Viral envelop is coated by spike(S) glycoprotein, envelop and membrane(M) protein. It primarily targets upper and…

The Hidden Killer


We as human beings frequently fall ill due to various germs. However, thanks to our immune system and modern medicine, we can clear off many of those tiny organisms from our bodies.
The medical field has also advanced in a way to deal with the rising trend of infections caused by microbes. Therefore, mankind can live a better life now more than ever. But this may not be the case all the time.

SARS CoV-2 External Quality Assurance Programme (EQAP) for Laboratories in Sri Lanka


External quality assurance programme(EQAP)/proficiency testing schemes are designed to objectively assess the quality of results obtained by laboratories, by means of an external agency. To support the countries on assuring high quality laboratory diagnosis, the WHO has organized a rapid EQAP for laboratories detecting COVID-19…

Specifications of Surgical Coverall

Surgical coverall

Protective coverall specifications: Single use, disposable, impermeable Avoid culturally unacceptable colours eg; black Light colours are preferred to better detect the possible contamination Thumb/finger loops to anchor sleeves in place preferably With or without integrated hoods With or without integrated socks Zip must be covered…

Virologists at the forefront of the COVID-19 battle in Sri Lanka

ByDr. Veranja LiyanapathiranaDr. Thushari Dissanayake Photo Credits – Dr. Muditha Abeykoon Since the emergence of COVID-19 outbreak late last year and following its declaration as a public health emergency of global concern by the WHO in January 2020, testing and early identification of cases became…