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By Prof. Neelika Malavige 
MBBS (Col.), MRCP (UK), AFHEA, DPhil (Oxon),FRCP (Lond), FRCPath (UK)

SARS-CoV2 viral infection resulting in COVID-19 has resulted in over 64 million infections and almost 1.5 million deaths within a period of 11 months. Many countries are grappling with the second wave, which has resulted in huge losses to human life, livelihood and many social and psychological problems. Therefore, the whole world is awaiting a safe and effective vaccine to end this nightmare.

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Masks: Which? When? How long? For whom?


Masks have become one of the most sought items with the COVID epidemic as wearing mask is one of the protective measure against COVID infection.  But masks should be used as part of a comprehensive strategy of measures (hand hygiene, physical distance respiratory etiquette) to suppress transmission and save lives; the use of a mask alone is not sufficient to provide an adequate level of protection against COVID-19

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SARS CoV 2 and transmission with food


SARS-CoV-2 is an enveloped β-coronavirus with a genetic sequence very similar to SARS CoV1(80%) and bat corona virus RaTG13(93%). Viral envelop is coated by spike(S) glycoprotein, envelop and membrane(M) protein.

It primarily targets upper and lower respiratory tract. The angiotensin converting enzyme2(ACE 2) found in human cells, is the receptor protein that serves as the main entry point for corona viruses, including SARS CoV2, to enter the host cell.

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“Professional Development for Quality Enhancement of Healthcare, Beyond COVID-19 Pandemic”

Present By
Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists,
Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medical Services - Sri Lanka and
World Health Organization - Sri Lanka

Sample Collection in COVID 19 diagnosis

Dr. Yasindu C Waniganayaka, SR CSTH
Dr. F Nishreen Jaufer, Registrar CSTH
Ms. GSB Wijethunge, (ICN) CSTH
Ms. GLT Kularathne, (ICN) CSTH

Author: Dr Roshan Jayasuriya ( Web Admin )