COVID-19 Videos

Facing the COVID-19 Crisis...



“Professional Development for Quality Enhancement of Healthcare, Beyond COVID-19 Pandemic”

Present By Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists, Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medical Services - Sri Lanka and World Health Organization - Sri Lanka

Sample collection in COVID 19 diagnosis

Dr. Yasindu C Waniganayaka, SR CSTH
Dr. F Nishreen Jaufer, Registrar CSTH
Ms. GSB Wijethunge, (ICN) CSTH
Ms. GLT Kularathne, (ICN) CSTH

How remove the mask for a while

How to wear a face mask correctly

Danger of pulling the mask down to the chin

Touching the face with contaminated hands

Dr. H. M. W. Abeywardena
Diploma in Medical Microbiology
MD in Medical Microbiology
Consultant Clinical Microbiologist
District General Hospital Matale