Message from the President 2021/2022

I am very much obliged to all those who gave me the chance to bear this privileged title, the President of the Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists 2021/22. I warmly welcome you all to the coming year ahead.
First of all, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the former President, her council and also the larger membership for their contribution towards the activities for the upliftment of the field of microbiology during the past year.
As you all know, the most precious resource of our college is our membership which includes many specialties and subspecialties. I am aware that the members of the college have enormous potential and each one of you has a unique capability and capacity. We are well aware that the heights the college has reached this far is due to the dedicated and untiring efforts of our membership.
On the date I take up this very responsible position, I humbly request and invite all of you, to be unwavering pillars of strength to me and my council during my tenure of office as the President. During this continuing threat of global Covid-19 pandemic but relieving a bit at the moment and expecting favorable response, all of us have to work together to meet the objectives laid down in the constitution of the of the Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists.
Together with my enthusiastic and energetic council, I earnestly wish that great dedication, commitment, steady support, meaningful contribution with enthusiasm, active participation and cooperation will be extended by all of you to take this respected professional body on the correct path which will determine the value and success of our activities. This will enable us to make the year ahead a fruitful and a memorable one.
Our thoughts such as awareness programmes in different provinces to the healthcare workers and the general public on timely topics, programmes to commemorate advocacy days in improving the visibility of our role in the society, improving the existing skills of our members on management, giving emphasis on essentials in procurement and giving prominence to the concept of clinical governance are some of the aspects which will be of interest to you in addition to the continuing activities such as issuing the regular newsletters and CME programmes. Suggested theme for the upcoming year is “The role of clinical microbiologist within clinical governance framework: From blue print to reality” However finalizing the theme and activities to be planned will be done after considering your suggestions/ideas which have already been requested. I remain fully receptive to constructive criticism from valued membership always ready to welcome ideas which are important, relevant, practical and are of timely significance.
I have a great determination to serve to the best of my ability in taking our college from strength to strength adhering to principles of professionalism. I hope to work very closely with council members, the larger membership and the two SLCM office secretaries for the betterment of the field of microbiology for the benefit of the country as a whole with the provision of guidance to policy makers in a timely manner for ensuring safety of the healthcare workers and the public.
Until we meet you soon with college activities, take care and stay safe.

Dr. Charini Geethika Patabendige
President, SLCM