Message from the President 2022/2023


Dear teachers, colleagues and the current and future microbiologists,

I humbly appreciate and accept this well reputed and regarded title, the president of the SLCM for the year 2022 t0 2023.
I am moved to recall, while mentioning that the words are inadequate to express our gratitude to founders and those who upgrade this professional college up to this level from it’s inception in 1969.

Having said that I would like to thank Dr. Geethika Patabandige and her council who completed a very successful year (2021- 2022) achieving several targets and completing all expected tasks with tremendous dedication despite all kinds of problems happening in the country. Her strong leadership is remarkable.
I like to warmly welcome and express my sincere gratitude to all the new council members who are agreed to work for the SLCM and the country for new academic year 2022 - 2023.

The new council members, history summons us again to an encounter with destiny. We have to face the challenges of the current situation, take up risks, dedicate our time and efforts in the hours of crisis and the hours of need. It is imperative that we have to work relentlessly with huge determination while spending our precious time and knowledge selflessly to uplift our professional college in par with global units of similar kind.
We shall continue all the projects and unfinished tasks started by previous council and if any from before until the missions are accomplished.
Our council is planning to keep our theme for this year as “microbiology from town to village”.

  • Hope to organize additional training programs for all employees of microbiology departments Island wide ( In each province)
  • Unite with International collaborations to continue national work( explore possibilities of looking for funding sources/donors
  • Spread the national identity of a microbiologist

In short we need our whole population to know who is a medical microbiologist by means of range of services.
Currently what we have is the wealth of knowledge and abilities of our membership.
We need to plan how to get continuous and adequate supply of resources to use such knowledge in practice for the betterment of general public.
We further need to mitigate several national forums those that microbiologists are involved are continuing their services without dying out halfway.
Being in several councils before, I know there are several of our members who work tirelessly and they owe the highest commendation from the country.
Today I urge each and everyone of our members to come forward and donate your time and knowledge whenever you are requested to do so for several national activities. If you all want to suggest new proposals, plans, or ideas are mostly welcome.
This college means to all of us, so I will coordinate while making your thoughts in action. Please do not isolate yourselves as “WE” is stronger than” I”. If you want to be heard get united and work loud.

Our trainees are our future, so they are to be supported for their post graduate training as national funds are dried. This is to be done by means of professional communication within develop countries where teachers, PGIM, college and ministry can get on board. Already there are some suggestions from the members which work to make them a reality.

We will try to uplift our services in each province uniting all microbiologists together and try to spread the services equally.I fully and totally trust all of you and your capabilities would be shared around with extended trust and unity among each other.

This is not the right time to plan ahead counting either rupees or dollars where those pipelines are completely dry. So we will use our untouchable intellectual wealth to sort our place in the planet and to be heard by the humankind.


Dr.Rohini Wadanamby
President SLCM