SARS CoV-2 External Quality Assurance Programme (EQAP) for Laboratories in Sri Lanka


External quality assurance programme(EQAP)/proficiency testing schemes are designed to objectively assess the quality of results obtained by laboratories, by means of an external agency.

To support the countries on assuring high quality laboratory diagnosis, the WHO has organized a rapid EQAP for laboratories detecting COVID-19 virus by RT PCR. Four laboratories where the test is being performed were nominated by MoH, Sri Lanka for EQAP.

Being the Influenza Reference Laboratory, Department of Virology, MRI has already registered for EQAP and 3 other peripheral virology laboratories namely Teaching Hospital, Karaptiya, National Hospital, Kandy and Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura were also included in this EQAP.

Based on the report from Center from Health Protection of the Department of Health, Hong Kong , all four laboratories had achieved correct results with 100% concordance,.

We are grateful to WHO for facilitating EQAP and would like to congratulate the virology laboratories for the achievement.

Author: SLCM