Go Blue for AMR campaign

The World Health Organization is encouraging the global community to ‘Go Blue for AMR’ campaign, particularly on 24 November.

The Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists invites its members to join the campaign as

An individual by:

  • Wearing light blue when participating in WAAW events.
  • Adjusting your social media profiles to blue.
  • Sharing why you are Going Blue with friends, family, colleagues, and on social media (TwitterInstagramFacebook).

A workplace/ organization by:

  • Lighting up your office and otherfacilities (hospitals, clinics, laboratory, pharmacies, and universities) in blue.
  • Combining this with workplace actions: create or review antimicrobial stewardship programmes, educate staff on AMR and make a workplace commitment to AMR-related change.
  • Sharing with the world! Use social and/or traditional media to announce why your workplace staff are ‘Going Blue’.

A community by:

  • Using social and/or traditional media to highlight your community’s or country’s commitment to addressing AMR.

Ministry of Health is currently seeking possibilities of

  • Lighting up some local landmarks in light blue.

If you engage in any of the above activities in ‘Go Blue for AMR’ campaign SLCM is happy to receive the photos to be shared in the website.