1. Ministry of Health, Microbiology Task Force

The President Dr. Kanthi Nanayakkara, Dr. Kumudu Karunaratne, and other Consultant Microbiologists from Teaching Hospitals  participate in these monthly meetings with the DGHS.

  1. National Laboratory Quality Accreditation Committee (NLQAC)

 Dr. Dhammika Vidanagama, Dr. Lilani Karunanayake Dr. Malka Dassanayaka and Dr. Pavithri Bandara.

  1. National advisory committee on infection control in hospitals

Dr Shirani Chandrasisri, Dr Mahen Kothalawala, Dr Jayanthi Elwitigala, Dr. Dammika Vidanagamage, Dr. Malika Karunarathne, Dr. Sujatha Pathirage, Dr. Lilani Karunanayake and Dr. Kanthi Nanayakkkara .

  1. National Council on Accreditation of Health Care Services in Sri Lanka

Dr Rohini Wadanamby .

  1. National Formulary Committee

Dr. Kushlani Jayathilaka .

  1. National Drugs & Therapeutics Committee

Dr. Geethika Patabendige .

  1. Medicine Evaluation committee of NMRA

Dr. Shirani Chandrasiri .

  1. Advisory committee on tuberculosis control

Dr. Dhammika Vidanagama .

  1. Medical devices evaluation committee (MDEC)

Dr. Geethani Galagoda .

  1. Liaison with GMOA

Dr. Roshan Jayasuriya and Dr. Jude Jayamaha .

  1. Liaison with SLMA

Dr. Kushlani Jayatilleke, Dr. Kanthi Nanayakara and Dr. Geethani Galagoda .

  1. Technical committee on improving HIV services

Dr. Jayanthi Elwitigala and Dr. Nadeeka Janage .

  1. Representative from SLCM to the Faculty of Critical Care’ of Anaesthesiologists & Intensivists of Sri Lanka

Dr. Malka Dassanayake .

  1. Panel of experts of the National Medicines Regulatory Authority.

Dr. Shirani Chandrasiri and Dr. Geethika Patabedige .

  1. Evaluation of files / dossiers submitted to NMRA.

 Dr. Malka Dassanayake, Dr. Geethika Patabendige and Dr. Shirani Chandrasiri (Microbiology), Dr. Janaki Abeynayake and Dr. Jude Jayamaha (Virology), Dr. Primali Jayasekera, (Mycology), Dr. Kanthi Nanayakkara (Vaccines) and Dr. Danushka Dassanayake (Immunology).

  1. Committee for revision of lab items

Dr. Kumudu Karunaratne, Dr. Geethika Patabendige & Dr. Dananja Namalie (Microbiology), Dr. Rohitha Muthugala (Virology), Dr. Primali Jayasekera (Mycology) & Dr. Danushka Dassanayake (Immunology) will represent the College for the next 3 years.


Author: Roshan ( Web Admin )