World Hand Hygiene Day 2018


Clean Your Hands - 5 May 2018


It’s in your hands – prevent sepsis in health care

Members of the Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists commemorated the global hand hygiene day on the theme declared by the World Health Organization “It’s in your hands – prevent sepsis in health care”.

An advocacy photography session was organised on 4th May 2018. Each member organized activities at their institutes.

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The National Hospital of  Sri Lanka Commemorates  World  Hand  Hygiene Day 2018  - 

Appreciating Role Models and Champions of  Hand Hygiene and Launching the First News Letter on Hand Hygiene

World Hand Hygiene Day highlights the importance of hand hygiene ( HH) in health care and it is commemorated globally on 5th May every year. The theme for 2018 is “it’s in your hands- prevent sepsis in health care”, illustrating the important relationship between good infection prevention and control practices and preventing sepsis.

The WHO aims to catalyze the discussion on the importance of HH in health care and its overall improvement worldwide by bringing people together on this special day. It is very clear to all that without behavior change, sepsis will remain a major threat in this era of increasing trend of infections caused by MDR organisms. Effective HH is the earliest and most affordable way that we can fight antibiotic resistance thus reducing the need for the use of precious antibiotics.

WHO calls on infection prevention and control leaders to become champions and role models in promoting HH to prevent sepsis in health care. It addresses different categories of health care workers to “Take 5 Moments to clean your hands to prevent sepsis in health care” through behavioral change, IPC leaders “Be a champion/role model in promoting HH to prevent sepsis in health care.”- crucial to motivate and create a lasting behavioral change and health facility leaders "Prevent sepsis in health care, make HH a quality indicator in your hospital”.

The infection control unit of NHSL organized a hand hygiene programme on 16th May 2018 at the neurotrauma auditorium which specifically targeted the appreciation of the champions and role models in HH in the year 2017, launching of the first news letter on hand hygiene as a publication by the infection control team  and awareness of healthcare workers about their compliance towards improvement in hand hygiene as well and importance of practicing hand hygiene in keeping with that the best care is safer care. In addition, we took this opportunity to make the audience aware about the long path we have gone through in improving hand hygiene compliance at NHSL.

Following the launching of the news letter of HH, mementos were awarded to the winner, first runner up and the second runner up who showed their fullest support towards improving HH based on the 2017 HH compliance audits in intensive care units. The awardees were given the opportunities to express their views on HH improvement strategy and its importance in providing safer care to patients. It was filled with encouraging words by the Acting Deputy Director General, NHSL emphasizing his fullest support in further improvement on HH. Introduction to HH day, gravity of the problem of sepsis, importance of HH, multimodel HH improvement strategy and its five step implementation and also importance of all being champions and role models in HH was presented by the consultant clinical microbiologist. Infection control nursing officers presented the very long path they have taken over the years in improving HH up to the current status with the great emphasis on further improvement to reach the goal of > 80 compliance rate.

This was well attended by the administrators, consultants, medical officers, nursing staff, paramedical staff members namely physiotherapists, pharmacists, medical laboratory technologists, public health inspectors, trainees of different healthcare services, support staff with great enthusiasm.

This was a very successful programme we could have due to the tireless effort, dedication and commitment of the members of the infection control unit as well as the great contribution given by the members of the wards/ units.

Prepared by:
Dr. Geethika Patabendige
Consultant Clinical Microbiologist
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Global Hand hygiene Day at Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital (SJGH) 2018

Hand hygiene is an important measure to prevent infections especially due to cross contamination. To emphasize its importance, WHO declared 5th of May as the Global Hand hygiene day. This year the theme was ‘It’s in your hands – prevent sepsis in health care’.

Infection prevention and control team of SJGH implemented various activities to mark this event with participation of different Health care workers including Infection Prevention & Control leaders, health facility leaders and clinical staff.

The following activities were carried out at SJGH to mark the Global Hand Hygiene Day.

  • Displaying posters at clinics and wards to educate the patients regarding the importance of the hand hygiene to prevent sepsis.

  •  Awareness photography sessions were carried out with health care workers and published in social media and hospital website.
  • Quiz on 5 moments of hand hygiene was organized to all health care workers and winners were awarded prizes.


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