Commemorating Global Hand Washing day – Annual Education & Evaluation programme of Infection Control & Microbiology (AEEICM2021), TH Karapitiya, Galle

Dr Bhagya
Dr Bhagya Piyasiri

Consultant Microbiologist
Teaching Hospital Karapitiya

Annual Education & Evaluation programme of Infection Control & Microbiology (AEEICM2021) was held on 22nd of October 2021 for the 7th consecutive year, commemorating Global Hand Washing day falling on 15th October.
Before the COVID-19 pandemic, this annual programme consisted of an education programme and evaluation component. Education programme was usually held for the nursing officers but included other HCW in some years and was hospital based or at district or provincial level while the evaluation component selected the best 3 wards of the hospital as per the cleaning aspect and the best ICU according to the hand hygiene compliance rate.
However, AEEICM2020 and 2021 could not be carried out in the intended manner during the pandemic. We conducted a successful Hand hygiene programme in ETU in collaboration with the emergency treatment unit (ETU) team in 2020. In this year, a standard hand hygiene audit in COVID medical wards was conducted on 15th October by the hospital infection control team and the ward 35 was selected as the best medical COVID ward with highest hand hygiene compliance.
In addition, we awarded all Covid-dedicated wards, COVID intensive care unit and the ETU in appreciation of their 24 hrs invaluable service which set an example for others in the hospital.
Some of the event highlights are photographed as follows:


Figure 1 – Ward 35 Consultant Physician Dr Krishantha Jayasekara and the ward sister are receiving their trophy from the hospital Director, Dr Shelton Perera and the Consultant Microbiologist Dr Bhagya Piyasiri, for the best medical COVID ward with highest hand hygiene compliance


Figure 2 – The participants in the event


Figure 3 – Dr Ganaka Senaratne, In-charge physician - ETU and the in charge nursing officer are receiving their special trophy for their dedicated service during the pandemic. Dr Harshini Ubeysekara, deputy director is also here (corner-right)


Figure 4 – Hand hygiene education programme following the audit on 15th October

Author: Piume madushani