Inter Faculty Poster Competition

In parallel to the world antimicrobial awareness week (WAAW), the Sri Lanka College of Microbiologists in collaboration with WHO organized a poster competition among students of medical, dental and veterinary Faculties.

Coordinators from each faculty were selected to organize and coordinate the activity.


The flyer and the instructions for the poster competition were emailed to all the relevant Deans copied to the coordinators of each Faculty on 1st of November. The deadline for submission was given as 16th of November.

  • The theme of the poster competition: - “Preventing Antimicrobial Resistance Together with One-Health Concept”
  • Topics under which the posters should be prepared:
      • Public awareness
      • Prescriber awareness
      • Awareness about antibiotic pollution of the environment
      • Contributory factors for antimicrobial resistance
  • Eligibility
      • All students of medical, dental and veterinary Faculties of Sri Lankan Universities
  • Submission method:
      1. Email: -
      2. Google link for uploading the poster
  • Methods of the preparing the poster:
      • Drawing/ abstract art/ Collage/Mosaics
      • Graphic
      • Photographic poster

There were three judges selected to choose the winning posters.

  1. Surani Udugama- Cons. Microbiologist
  2. Kishani Dinapala - Cons. Microbiologist
  3. Ajith Alagiyawanna – Cons. Community Physician

Altogether 25 posters were received from students of medical and veterinary faculties. According to a marking scheme, all posters were individually allocated marks by each judge. Six posters were selected as winners.

5th place- T Suganya, University of Peradeniya
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1st Place – Chandika Kavinda Athukorala (M/16/013), Faculty of Medicine, University of Peradeniya

2nd Place - W.M.Roshini Piyumali (Med/14/2455), Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

3rd Place - Hewa Gallage Chamith Ishara Gallage (MED/14/2390), Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

4th Place – S.D. Senevirathna (6015), Faculty of Medicine, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University

4th Place - Bhagya Pandithakoralege (ME/2019/100), Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya

5th Place - T. Suganya (VS/16/072), Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of Peradeniya

The winners will be awarded with cash prizes, certificates and publications of the SLCM. All participants will be awarded a certificate of participation.  The coordinators from each Faculty and the three judges will be given a letter, thanking their contribution to this task.


Dr. Nadisha Badanasinghe